Why Work with Us?

Why Choose Bottle Green?

We know what needs to be done to make your website more visible. We know how to fix the things that aren’t working on your site. And when we see these improvements making a real difference to your search engine rankings (and in turn your business), it makes us feel good.

We understand that for many of our clients SEO is your main source of marketing activity. So it’s really important for you – and us – that it works.

If you are new to SEO it might seem bewildering. We are here to ‘hold your hand’ and take you through everything – in plain English, so that your experience is a good one.

We are always here to answer your questions and give advice where we can. And (unlike many SEO companies) we won’t try to baffle you with jargon.

Who can we help

Most of our clients are small to medium sized, service-based businesses looking to attract customers in their local area.

We know exactly how to make this happen.

If this sounds like you, please give us a call or drop us an email today – and let’s get started.

We currently work with businesses covering the length and breadth of the UK. Distance is no object because our online remote-access software allows us to share your computer screen to talk you through some of the more technical aspects of SEO.