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The ‘Just Get On With It’ package

Monthly Search Engine Optimisation

This is for business owners who have a busy schedule and would rather leave the technical stuff to the experts. If you don’t need to be involved with your SEO but still want to know that your website optimisation is being taken care of, then this one’s for you!

You’ll receive all the same reports, analytics and suggestions as the 1-to-1 SEO sessions but you won’t need to make time in your busy schedule. (And you don’t need to listen to us bore you with talk of keywords, metadata and rich snippets!).

We’ll make all the necessary SEO updates across your website and local listing accounts each month. We find that frequent website updates work best because it sends a clear signal to Google that your website is ‘alive’ and relevant, and constantly being refreshed with quality new content.

These packages are ideal for business owners who:

  • know their time is best spent running their own business
  • need to know their website optimisation is in good hands
  • want monthly reports to show the value of their monthly marketing investment

Prices start from just £99 per month for small business packages

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What does monthly SEO consist of?

Over the years we have found that performing one or two rounds of updates per month is the best way to optimise most small business websites. This gives Google a chance to index what has been done and then adjust how they rank your site against your competitors.

It can often take at least a week or so before our changes filter through and have an effect on rankings. So by making focussed updates once or twice a month we can get good feedback and make further changes accordingly.

We always recommend on-going monthly work. This is because Search Engines reward websites that make an effort to contribute fresh, quality content that serves their users’ intent.

Examples of just some of the elements of SEO that we prioritise:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Audit
  • Page Meta Descriptions
  • Page Meta Titles
  • Header Tags
  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console
  • Google ‘My Business’ listing
  • Apple Maps listing
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Feeds
  • XML Sitemaps

How does this package differ from ‘Talk Me Through It’ SEO?

Our live 1-to-1 SEO sessions are great if you want to learn from us while we optimise your site. However if you leave your SEO to the experts we can delve a bit deeper into your web content and technical aspects of your site.

We cover all the same elements in both packages, but if you’d rather let us ‘just get on with it’ more of our time is spent optimising, rather than explaining.

Often we’ll rewrite a page of content, or sift through lines of HTML code to make improvements in page loading speed. Or we might make subtle changes to a page layout to improve your site’s user experience.