Using Who, What, Where, Why and When to improve SEO

This is a quick blog post which I’ll hopefully come back to, and go into more detail. When it comes to writing content for a website home page, we’ve been finding that a back-to-basics approach works wonders for SEO. If you are uncertain about what to write, just remember the five Ws. Who, What, Where, … Read more

Google’s Advice for High-Quality Website Content

When it comes to writing quality content for your website, Google offer some great guidance. In a recent blog post, Google explained how their core algorithms work, and why your rankings often change following an algorithm update. In addition to this they listed their latest content quality guidelines. We have listed these below for your … Read more

Why Website Content is Important for SEO

Google continue to reward websites that have high quality content. Here is why you should aim for a “helpful, information-rich” website. There are dozens of factors that affect your search engine rankings such as keywords, metadata, inbound links etc. However, Google is quite explicit in stating that your number one priority should be “to serve … Read more