Embedded pdf Example

Embedded pdf Example

The pdf below is embedded using PDF.js Viewer plugin.

Main advantage of using pdfviewer.js vs flipbook style currently used on CommunityAd site is that Google will be able to read and index all the content from your magazines.

By using embedded pdfs, readers will be able to search the entire text of the magazine to find a particular article or phrase. Try using the Search box at top left of the reader.

Eg if someone searches Google for a local event / news item which was published in one of your magazines at any time, there is every chance that the pdf copy of the magazine will appear in Google search results.

(Currently there is virtually no way for Google to know what has been published in your magazines)

This means you will continue to get lasting value from each magazine, as you build up a valuable online archive of local news.

PS. It should be possible to display the magazines as a two-page spread.